Opening apps on your Mac

WHAT’S BETTER THAN having an app able to handle whatever kind of file you want to open? Answer: having a choice of ways to run your apps. Such flexibility is one of the characteristics of the Ma[…]



Canon EOS 6D Mark II


Ridiculous tech exposed[…]

Amazon Echo Plus

SPEAKERS AREN’T JUST for playing music anymore. At least, not in the world of Amazon. Since late 2014, the online juggernaut has been rolling out a variety of Echo-branded ‘smart speakers&[…]

The best VPNs for Netflixin’


More scientists who changed the tech world



Move the pointer over the timeline at the bottom right of the screen. Each notch in it represents a backup’s date and time, starting with the most recent one at the bottom.[…]

Strike Alpha Cradle

THERE ARE COUNTLESS dashboard and windshield mounts for phones available on the market, but how many of them will wirelessly charge your device while it sits in its cradle? That’s what Australia[…]

Bleeding edge: the best of emerging tech

IN 2017, APPLE CEO Tim Cook stated that AR was the next big tech ‘idea’, putting it on par with the revolutionary change brought by the smartphone. While we wouldn’t say we’ve […]